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What is Nutrition Therapy?


Nutrition therapy, also known as nutrition counseling, is a relationship building process that involves addressing the underlying forces, issues, and dynamics connected to one's health and behaviors surrounding food and body.

This process involves learning about the science of how the body works (nutrition education), so that new ways of thinking and behaving can be tested for sustainable and meaningful change.

What can I expect from the process of nutrition therapy?


  • Enhanced sense of control over food intake as you learn to depend on internal regulators of hunger and fullness
  • Increased diet variety and the ability to choose foods without guilt, confusion, and worry 
  • Metabolic recovery: as your metabolism is restored and, or increased, your natural size/shape will return  
  • Improved energy levels as brain and body receive proper nutrient balance
  • Reversal of physical symptoms from malnutrition and semi-starvation 
  • Improved moods and, increased well-being as energy is now free to use towards areas besides food and weight preoccupation
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